Blue Latitude is made up of a highly-talented
group of musicians with over a century of
combined musical experience.  
Lead Vocals:
Stacey Boccali
Mario Boccali
Max Gualitierri
Brad Vance
Nick Boccali
Baritone Sax:
Kristine Ellison
Tenor Sax/Vocals:
Chad Pluckrose
Tenor Sax:
Charlie Ortega
Tom Kiddie &
Greg Kiddie
Will Von Protz
Lead/Backup Vocals:
Leigh Vance &
Nanette Hutchison
5 Star Vendor on Wedding Mapper
For Booking Call: 805.701.5193
For Booking Call: 805.701.5193
Letters of Reference Available Upon Request
Blue Latitude is a thirteen-piece band featuring female and male
lead vocals, and a six-piece horn line; available for large events,
parties, weddings or any special occasion where fun high-energy
music is needed!  

Blue Latitude’s flexible repertoire featuring favorites from the 1960’s
through today’s hits, makes this group especially ideal for events
where the audience consists of a wide variety of ages.  Their high-
energy sets are fun to dance to, and their six-piece horn line and
talented, versatile musicians, allows them to perform a wide variety of
music from slow blues and jazz to rhythm & blues and modern rock.

Blue Latitude has been performing at community events, banquets,
private parties, and wedding receptions throughout Ventura and Santa
Barbara counties since the summer of 1997.